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Lifestyle Photography

PERSONAL BRANDING for small business owners and companies ONLINE INFLUENCERS like fashion bloggers
TRAVELERS visiting Slovenia who want pro photos of their trip
COUPLES AND FAMILIES who want to capture the essence of their bond through the photography of a day in their lives

Personal Branding Photography

We can transform your website completely! Your new photos will put a face and add personality to your brand.

This is the best option, if you have just started your business, or want to rebrand.

Influencer Photography

We can kick your online presence up a notch with amazing photos, and leave the brands (and your audience) you are working with in awe. Not only will they be in awe – you might attract more companies to work with you.

Follow-Me-Around Photography

Instead selfies on your vacation, get creative and professional shots.

Instead a family photoshoot in studio, invite me to spend a day with you and capture true moments.

Instead studio headshots, let’s show people a day in your business life.

Event Photography

For business events or different kinds of celebrations. Allow me to capture memories of your birthday or Christmas party, or of your conference, team buildings, product launches and retreats.

Event Photography

BUSINESS EVENTS such as conferences, team buildings, retreats, product launches, classes
CELEBRATIONS such as birthdays, New Year and Christmas parties